Alveolus Mangwon

by Alveolus Space LAB

Alveolus Mangwon

Alveolus, a concept called “a tiny alveolus (of lung) in the urban” is the first hotel in Korea to operate as a single room suite. The entire process of branding, brand design, remodeling, and space styling was conducted through a consistent concept.

Located in the middle of the residential area of Mangwon-dong in Seoul, the area retains almost the 'conventional appearance as Morden house’ that was first built in 1971. The value of “Milestone of history” a small reminder of memories in the time of the city, was the most important key of exterior design. Because, how to leave things as they are is also design.

Inside, it is designed to feel 'the perfect day from early morning to sunset' that light provides in facing the south space. The space located on the south side of the space provides a variety of views according to the direction the sun rises, using the unique flesh and properties of each material of wood, brick and stainless steel. It is also designed with no walls so that several people can talk freely and continuously. For a perfect kitchen to stay together, prepare food and enjoy together, all tools for cooking are ready.