The Fighters Club Hong Kong III

by Aravia Design Limited

The Fighters Club Hong Kong III (FCHK III) locates at the edge of Causeway Bay, the central commercial area in Hong Kong thrilled with fashionable youth, expatriates, sports clubs and bars. FCHK III was the latest addition to the series of FCHK - a luxury one-to-one tailored fitness club focusing on healthy lifestyle and mentality with a touch of zest. The design focuses on the spaBal experience and sequence with a careful choice of materials that would balance practicality with elegance, and luxury with budget.
With approx. 200 sq.m on the 18th floor of a building with 3-sided curtain wall, the rectangular space is accessed from the middle which poses a challenge to the circulation of how the changing room can be accessed with privacy in a small area during check in. The design solution turns the challenge into a unique experience by creating a semi-circular entry zone that, on one side, minimises the circulation space (fast traffic zone) towards the training ground and on the other, opens up the space for reception and sitting (slow traffic zone). The entry zone is visually closed off by a feature wall. While the entry zone offers a sense of peace and cleanses the soul arriving from the hustle city, visitors can subtly hear the beat and sounds from the training area resonated from the carefully designed curve walls cladded with white Corian. While the entry zone is cladded with white marble from Italy, other white wall is finished with Corian with similar pattern for ease of maintenance. The feature wall is finished with black Corian with subtle pattern as a reminiscence of black marble. The idea is to present the respect and self-confidence, so much as how design can transform spaces and materials. While the seating area across the reception provides a posh yet homely feeling, the bar behind the feature wall offers a panorama towards the city with exclusiveness. The seating area aims to convey comfort and a feeling of ‘being home again’, in contrast to the vigorous training area.
The curve wall leading to the training ground is cladding with white Corian - white as a successful beginning of the journey towards health and confidence. Upon arrival, the feature light, as a reminiscence of FCHK’s logo, on top of the ring stands out to recall the philosophy of FCHK - the triple quadrangle rings that carry health, confidence and respect gaining from the boxing ring and training. While the ring stands in the middle as a feature, the cornered boxing and training area offers privacy for focus by avoiding direct visual interaction with others during training. Instead of fully opening-up all the views towards the city for focus and attention, a window is framed as a feature offering the look-out towards to the city for mediation and reflection during breaks. While lighting features are carefully designed through the whole space to uplift the experience, attention to details are manifested in the framing of all edges with copper-coloured stainless steel to deliver a sense of elegance.
While the fast zone leading to the training ground is finished with white Corian, the slow zone towards the changing rooms is finished with black Corian, as a contrast to deliver a sense of exclusiveness and privacy. The changing rooms are carefully designed to avoid visual interaction and the back-of-house area is hidden with concealed door. The clean-up area is designed as stand-alone station - with full set of tailored-made cabinet made of stainless steel for hairdryer, trays and mirror. The philosophy of FCHK being an upscale one-to-one tailored fitness club with professionalism and attention is manifested through the craftsmanship with precision and management with vigilance that makes the stand-alone station happen.
The design of FCHK III offers luxurious and upscale experience to visitors with privacy and exclusiveness during their workout, so much as a couture house to clientele, an oasis for cleansing the body and mind from the hustle and bustle.

Chan Ching Kan | Male | HKSAR
Current Positions and Affiliations:

  • Director and Design Director, Aravia Design Limited
  • Chartered Membership of RIBA
  • Associate Fellowship, ASERA, Social Enterprise Research Academy
  • Founding Member and Executive Committee, Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Bay Area (Greater Bay Area) Economic And Trade Association
  • 3rd Vice Chairman and Leo Club advisor, the Lions Club of Braemar Hill Hong Kong

Brief Summary:
Kan has received his education from the University of Hong Kong (First Class honor), University College London and Chinese University of Hong Kong (Best Studio award). Kan’s works had been exhibited and published by ACAU and ARCASIA in the Asian Region, UCL in the UK, HKU and HKIA in Hong Kong and many others. His master thesis was nominated for RIBA president awards. Kan was also the chef designer for exhibitions in 2009 and 2012 Hong Kong Shenzhen biennale of Urbanism and Architecture in both cities. In 2016 and 2018, Kan was invited by Venice Biennale GAA Foundation for exhibition in Venice. In 2018, Kan was elected as the chartered member of RIBA.
Projects designed and executed by Kan have scattered in China, Hong Kong, Africa and the UK. Prior to the setup of Aravia, Kan Chan was a project and design director of a private developer focusing in East Africa region for which Kan was responsible for all design and construction works, and partnered with consultants including Marriott, Starwood Hotel Group and Wyndham Hotel Group. Kan was also the consultant for business development and marketing strategy. Over years, Kan has designed and involved in the execution of over 10 mixed use development projects in China, including Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xian, Guiyang, Haining, Hefei, Wuhan, Wuhu, Changsha, and Lijiang.
Since the setup of Aravia in 2015, Kan has led the team to design and execute over 20 projects, including transit-orientated developments, masterplanning and interior architecture.
In 2015, Kan has led Aravia to secure a transit-oriented development in China with over 2 millions sq.m gross floor area in an invited competition against AREP and Valode & Pistre Architectes. In 2017, Aravia was invited as a consortium to join another invited competition in Luxembourg with over 30,000 sq.m gross floor area development against BIG, Snohetta and other prominent architects. This year in 2018, Aravia was appointed as the lead consultant for transit-oriented developments in Thailand of over 2 millions sq.m by China Railway Construction Corporation Limited.
Within 2 years, Aravia has received Hong Kong Star Brand Award and Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Award. In 2017, Aravia’s interior design in Hong Kong was also recognised in China and won the Silver Award for Commercial Space by China Building Decoration Association (CBDA). Kan was also personally recognised as the 10 Emerging Interior Designer in 2016, Young Expert in Design in 2017 and 10 Most Influential Interior Designer in China in 2018, one of the highest honours in China by recognition.
In 2017, Kan was invited as the founding member and Executive Committee for Greater Bay Area Economic And Trade Association, and was elected as the 3rd Vice Chairman and Leo Advisor for Lions Club of Braemar Hill Hong Kong. In 2018, Kan was awarded the Youth Leader in Greater Bay Area by JCI and Associate Fellowship for Social Enterprise Research Academy.
Kan has been actively involved in teaching in HK, China and Africa. Kan was a part time Lecturer in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKDI, City University of Hong Kong and Makerere University in Uganda. Kan is currently an Industrial Assessor for CityU and pursuing a PhD in CUHK.