The House of Sandeman Hostel & Suites

by Catarina Barbosa Cabral, Arquitetura e Design Unipessoal Lda


The city of Porto has always marched to the beat of its own drum. This alternative and independent spirit is something that is immediately felt when walking around its streets and when talking to the locals. In a city so rich in history and culture, we wanted to create something that properly celebrated that unique Porto essence.

The House of Sandeman Hostel & Suites, the world’s very first Branded Hostel celebrates one of the greatest Port Wine brands in the world, right on top of the river Douro, in one of Porto’s most iconic buildings.

The Interior Design has transformed the spaces into new ones irreverent and confortable, at the same time. The staterooms are unique spaces which recall the wine cellars and the Sandeman cellars that are on the lower floor. The “vindima” (the portuguese word for the grape harvest) baskets serve as lighting for the rooms and many other details always connect us with the history of Port wine in a subtle way. In the large Hall of the staterooms, the arches, in ancient stone, merged with a typical “ramada” of grapes, with natural light and the mythical Don in the background. The whole atmosphere is relaxed, with sophisticated details in a mix of modern and old pieces.


Catarina Cabral develops her projects as a whole, from architecture to the smallest details in interior design.

After returning from Brasil, where she represented a portuguese architecture atelier in Sao Paulo, she founded ATELIER CATARINA in 2015, currently with a team of 4 collaborators.

Her portófolio includes several housing, restaurant and hotel projects. Among the main highlights are the original The Independente Hostel & Suites, The Decadente Restaurant & Bar and the Palácio Chiado, nominated for the Wall Paper Design Awards in 2016.